RARA Studio / porcelain clay spoons x2

Arcadia Scott / 'Spots' travel cup

Shuh / enamel pin set

Jack by Sam / 'Arch' earrings

Oomph & Floss / canvas jacket

Lamai Anne / limited edition print

Branched / Venque 'Flat Mini' backpack

Cammino / handmade Italian leather flats

Sollis Jewellery / 'Tassel' earrings

Lauren Nicholson / 'Private Lawn' A3 print

Chai Addict / chai concentrate

Manuela Igreja Jewels / 'The Spur' studs

Martha Jean / Tiger Black'Gala' earrings

AKA Amelia Kingston Art / porcelain trinket bowl

Colour Work / 'Kara' earrings

Erika Harder / 'Blushing Flamingo' earrings + necklace

Fazeek / vegan soap

Ovazania / 'Thando' earrings

Bëuy / 'Opulent Polygon' earrings

Tactica / multitool + toolpack bundle

Sandra Bowkett / hand-thrown porcelain vessel

Cheerio Paper Co / 'Australia Bloke' cushion cover

Jubly Umph / carry all pouch

Tinta Crayons / Travel colouring mat and crayons

Pirdy / 'Star Drop' earrings

B.Ties / 'Triangle Geo' tie

Bridget Farmer / wooden bird mobile

Katherine Wheeler / 'Rock Coral' porcelain ring

Sarah Makes These / 'Loop Hole' neckpiece


Emily Green / 'Terrazzo Drop' earrings



MORE prizes TO BE WoN!!

Markit + BakeSale shoppers can also sign up at the our info desk at Federation Square on Sunday 31 March 2019 for a chance to win our Visitor Prize worth over $500. T&C's. (May 2018 prize below)


Tightology / 'Dita' cotton tights

Fabric Drawer / 'Winter Garden' drawstring backpack

Hello Miss May / A3 art print

Ada Hodgson / 'Milky Way' earrings

Ena / Rose Geranium & Lavender skincare products

Rollie Nation / Derby Sport 'Snow Leopard' shoes

Emily Only / 'Yin & Yang' oil burner

Oktoberdee / 'Bonnie' orange leather purse

Yippy Whippy / 'Alligator' brooch